Heavy drinker

  • She became a heavy drinker in her midteens.

Heavy features

  • He was tall and strong with heavy features.

Heavy losses

  • The company’s heavy losses will lead to many redundancies.

Heavy meal

  • It was a very heavy meal – far too much meat and not enough vegetables or salads.

Heavy rain

  • The match was played in heavy rain.

Heavy schedule

  • Let’s go to bed. We’ve got a heavy schedule tomorrow.

Heavy sleeper

  • Don’t stay up too late, you’ll be a heavy sleeper!

Heavy smoker/drinker

  • He’s been a heavy smoker and drinker all his adult life.

Heavy snow

  • Heavy snow is forecast for Scotland.

Heavy traffic

  • It has been widely praised for reducing heavy traffic in the city.

Heavy week

  • I’ve had a really heavy week – I’ve got a really heavy timetable this term.

Heavy workload

  • She’s struggling to cope with the heavy workload.

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